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PURE GOLD Inc. welcomes you to the world of nature
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Mr. Digvijay Singh
Sh. Diigvijay Singh Founder & CEO of PureGold 100% natural and herbal juices has onset to serve the humanity through his utmost sincere and loyal endeavours to conceive the naturally  wonderful  therapeutic, nutritious, health & wellness juices  from the naturally rich herbal heritage of India through its  rarest herbs found on the Indian soil. This combination of Juices will help provide your body with a balance of macronutrients, micronutrients, and  phytonutrients —the three key nutrients our bodies requires to maintain physical health (Body).So whether you’re looking to support your body on Heart, Diabetes, Cancer, Anti Dengue- Anti Swine Flu, Power Booster, Immune, or Optimal health; through a Nutritious Juice products program, or to get an extra magnifying of healthy energy. An aromatic and therapeutic health n wellness natural gems takes you to the eternal journey of NIRVANA.
It is most wishfully thought to let the fellow humans be all under the serene and mesmerizing umbrella of mother nature. It is thought so vividly with the absolute clarity of mind and heart that we are just a withering molecule on the mother earth and without the eternal blessings of mother nature the survival is almost impossible. Being away from the mother nature we just cannot even think that coz it is the mother nature which surrounds us completely rather covers us with its invisible canvas of blessings be it oxygen to breath or survival alone by itself which is complete of us by ourselves.

The two most important things in life are no 1. the quantity no 2. the quality . Now how do we cope with that without the blessings of mother nature,  when we say how long we live it is just our speculation but the exact no of micro seconds detail of our life only mother nature knows then why we need worry when the mother nature is with us. Now comes the most important part that is the quality, let us not expect or blemish anyone for that, rather than our own self coz it totally depends on how we live . How long we live let us not think on that and rather concentrate more on how we live. The heavenly treasures showered upon us by mother nature are so much in abundance that all our life we cannot exhaust the abundance blessings of it’s treasures blessed upon us.  

As one of the beings and staunch devout of mother nature i felt in solitude the serene and invaluable treasures showered upon us in different forms of vegetation and firmly decided one day that let me if possible and whatever little i could contribute to  the well being of my human fellows however, wherever, whatever and whenever i can, so that human sufferings and pains are reduced if not eradicated with due respect to the powers of mother nature's strength and powers that every time makes us more stronger to combat at least the calamities since the origin of these calamities cannot be combated by so called Hercules or dare devils at any fractional part of the living moment.

Progress in life, business or any project comes through taking initiative and continuing to press upon with new strategies, concepts and plans. The original momentum is not enough to keep you moving forward. Your progress will grind to a halt unless you refill your engine of inspiration with the fuel of fresh ideas. If you can't see the stars twinkle in the night sky that doesn't mean they have disappeared, they are just behind a blanket of clouds and you will see them shine again.

Clear and elegant, this beautifully developed vision of serving humanity through these products contains love for family, society and humanity at large. The key information contained therefore  may be viewed with a click on any or all boxes aligned vertically indicating pictorially  individual juices.

· Puregold  Aloevera Juice                                A Natural Doctor

· Puregold  Gooseberry Juice                           King of Vitamin-C & Rejuvenation

· Puregold  Terminalia Arjuna  Bark Juice          Heart Tonic

· Puregold  Asparagus Juice                             Power Booster

· Puregold  Wheatgrass Juice                           Anti Ageing

· Puregold  Jambulina Pulp Juice                      Diabetes killer

· Puregold   Tinospora Stem Extract                 Anti Swine Flu, H1/N1 killer

· Puregold  Carica Papaya Leaf Extract             Anti Dengue –Anti Cancer

· And many more …Honey, Skin care products etc. etc…..

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asparagus juice
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whear grass juice


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